Cat Boarding Services

Cat Boarding Services at Kitty Camp Cat Resort

kitty condo

With different sizes and styles of unique, hand-crafted “Kitty Condos”, you can choose accommodations where your own cat(s) will be happiest.

We love to provide care customized to the routines you have at home with your cat(s). This includes when and what they eat and private time with us for playtime, sunbath time, catnip or treat time and lap time... if they love laps, we have loving laps.

And don’t worry about your kitty being left alone. No matter how independent cats appear to be, they appreciate knowing someone is there to care for them, even at night. That’s why we are here, even at night.

Whatever a kitty needs — that’s our promise. Clients often tell us this is the first time they’ve had total peace of mind about their cat’s care. 

Our Location

Located next to The Villages in Fruitland Park, FL